Ruth Kuck-A Woman who Loved God

“Mark, I have a place for you to stay this summer.”  Pastor Doyle McDaniel said these words with great pleasure.  I was anticipating spending the summer in Charlotte to fulfill my final requirement to graduate from Olivet College. This last requirement would an internship at Calvary Baptist Church.

Pastor McDaniel had convinced  Ruth Kuck, a widow in the church,  that I needed a place to stay. Because of her kind heart, she accepted me in her home for the summer  I didn’t know Ruth well, but that would soon change.  It would be the beginning of a thirty-five year relationship.

Ruth had been a long-time member of the church.  she was faithful to attend all the church services, and she loved to sing in the choir.  The characteristic that stood out in Ruth’s life was her prayer life.  She was a “Prayer Warrior”.  She also loved to read her Bible.  While staying with Ruth, she introduced me to the idea of reading the Bible and praying together.  This was new to me because I had only become a Christian the year before.  She taught me through  her life and her love for the Lord and others.

Ruth also had a keen sense of hospitality.  She always invited people over for a small meal or ice cream after church.  She enjoyed having people in her home with conversation that centered around the Lord Jesus Christ.

One Sunday afternoon, I had decided that I would go out and mow the grass.  Ruth did not approve.  She told me that we don’t do such things on the Lord’s Day.  The point she made to me was that the Lord’s Day was special.  It was a lesson I never forgot.

My summer was soon over.  I was grateful for all that Ruth did for me that summer.  She continued to keep up with my life.  She attended my ordination service.  When Sharon and I served overseas she faithfully prayed for us and our ministry.  She would even ask about specific people in our ministry.  Every birthday she would send our children a card and $7.00. She always signed the card “Love, Grandma Kuck”. She never missed a birthday, whether we were in South Africa or Portugal.

In 1996, we returned to the States and I became the pastor of the same church where I met Ruth.  Ruth was  now in her eighties, but she was still very involved in the church.  Her prayer life was still as vibrant as ever.  Her love for the Lord also increased as she moved into her nineties.

Ruth eventually could no longer take care of herself.  She went to live in an assisted living home.  Even in her last days, she would still love to talk about her Lord to the residents and anybody who would visit her.

Ruth entered into the presence of her Lord in 2009 at the age of ninety-five.  Ruth is greatly missed, not only by me, but by the many people for whom she prayed.

At Ruth’s funeral, I placed a pair of her shoes on pulpit.  I asked who would fill her shoes, especially in the area of prayer.  She certainly had very big shoes.   Unfortunately, many of us are too busy to stop and take time to be a prayer warrior like Ruth.

Ruth taught me much by her example, including the importance of prayer and a love for the Word of God.  She also taught me that in spite of the trials of life, I can always keep my eyes on the Lord.  Truly, Ruth lived up to her namesake in the Bible.  Ruth reminds  of  a verse in Proverbs that says:  “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10)

I thank the Lord for bringing Ruth Kuck into my life!  I have a richer life as a result of Ruth’s example, her prayers, and her words.   Her life made me realize that I also can have an impact upon the lives of others.

15 thoughts on “Ruth Kuck-A Woman who Loved God

  1. Hi Pastor Mark, testimonies such as this are awesome! Myself and my generation need to learn better from such examples. My mother learned from the same kind of godly lady you mentioned, and my mom’s living what she learned passed down to me (I hope)! One of the things you mentioned was that Sunday is the Lord’s day, a very Biblical phrase, and is therefore special. I am not a Sabbatarian, but I have tried to make Sunday different from every other day of the week…even before I became a missionary. Thanks for the testimony and challenge through the life of your friend!

    1. Sam, thanks for the comments. You might have met Ruth the first time you were at the church, but she was already starting to fail. I couldn’t have written a lot more. God was good to me to have her in my life. I do miss her prayers!

  2. I’ve known Ruth all my life. I came across a picture at my mom and dad’s of when I was a newborn. It was at a church function. Ruth was also in the picture. She was a very sweet lady and I know she prayed for us as well. After we moved off to go to Bible college and then later to serve as missionaries in Canada, she always encouraged us and occasionally slipped us a $5 or $20 bill. She is greatly missed…especially in the prayer department! M

  3. Ruth sounds like quite a woman and quite a blessing! It is quite awesome to have a prayer warrior in your life! It is easy to talk the talk but quite another thing to live it out. We are all in better places because of the “Ruths” of the world!!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Pam, thanks for your comments. Yes, she was quite a lady. She even came all the way to Highland Park in 1983 when I was ordained for the gospel ministry at a small church on Hamilton called Coltman Memorial Baptist Church. She treated me like a son. I must say I do miss her prayers in my behalf.

  4. Pastor Mark, this is without a doubt a woman of faith who choose to share her beliefs and prayers with you and so many others. Her memories will live on thru you and others. Yes, prayer answers so many uncertainties and give hope to those seeking it. Blessed you are for knowing Ruth Kuck and blessed I am for getting a chance to know you thru your work. Thanks! Joyce Broach, Class of ’77 Highland Park High School.

    1. Thanks Joyce for your kind comments. She is truly missed. She treated me like a son and loved each of our children. She even came all the way to Highland Park for my ordination service in 1982 at the Coltman Memorial Baptist which was Hamilton.

  5. Pastor Mark, What a great memory! Thanks for posting,our family and my kids miss our grandma and great grandma very much! My wife and I often ask ourselves who could ever pray for us more each day? One fact about my grandma is that she always said each and every time
    was that she loved us and is praying for us every day! One we day we will reunite and it will be a reunion of happiness for eternity! Thank you- Chris Carr

    1. Chris, yes your grandmother is missed by many. A few weeks ago a man in our church even gave a testimony about your grandma’s life. I am very grateful that Pastor McDaniel had me stay with her that summer. It was a very good experience for me. I do trust that all is well with you and your family.

  6. It is definitely a blessing to hear all the great things she has done and her prayers for everyone she ever met. My prayer warrior is definitely missed. Forever in my heart Grandma! Thank you for keeping her memory alive!

    1. Kamilla, I could have written a lot more, but I try to keep posts to a manageable size. I didn’t mention her volunteer work at the Christian school for many years. I didn’t mention how she never had a complaining spirit. Also, she truly had a love for each person she met. She is greatly missed by all of us.

  7. Wow, what can I say that hasn’t already been said. Ruth was not just a prayer warrior,im sure if you grew up in the church she was much more than that. As a teen i can remember going on a trip to Cedar Point and she went. At first i thought she was going to be some old lady that was going to slow everybody down. AH NO! She road every ride even the coasters and all of us young kids got schooled by that OLD LADY. She was a leader in our church, even if she was a woman! She was a cool lady for sure. I had very much respect for her. Heaven is going to be a great place to go, and so many people to see, I cant wait for that day!

  8. Beautifully written…. And we, too, have been blessed by some godly elderly ladies praying for us over the last 25 plus years! I must say – the photo gave me a big smile! 🙂

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