A treasure brings thoughts of riches, happiness, and pleasure. The greatest treasure to be found is right in our Bible. This blog will bring out these treasures for the reader to understand and reap the wealth that God has for us in His Word.

I am thankful for the wife (Sharon) that God has given to me as we share our lives. We are grateful for our past ministries in South Africa and Portugal. I am presently the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Charlotte, Michigan.

Thanks for viewing our blog! Mark Booth

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Oats:

    This is Matt Sarkela. The Lord has blessed us with a huge ministry including 4,000 chiurches, 900 seminaruies and 300 universities in 40 countries. I am currently in the Philippines on a major missions project. We have been blessed with the honor of making a great impact for the Lord through evangelism and Christ centered education. I have tried to find Wayne over the years with no success. I was so blessed by your memories in wirting this day. You have a wonderful online ministry that meets a need. Please contact me.
    I remain your brother in Christ, Matt

  2. It’s comforting to see that you are still working for God. You were my pastor in hillbrow many years ago

  3. If you are the MARK Booth that attended Highland Park High School from 1973/1977
    Hello from Judy Floyd Evans one of your classmates Praise God for your witness. I
    love your blog

    1. Hello Judy. Of course I remember you. How are you doing these days? Do you still live in the Detroit area? I use to write a blog called “Growing Up in Highland Park”. I need to get back to writing it again, but you can check it out. Also, I do need to get back to writing in this blog as well; however, I do write short devotionals on a Facebook page called Bible Treasures for Today. Here is the link and you can “like” to get one almost everyday. I do remember the times in the Honor Society. I wrote in my Highland Park blog about Mr. Spencer our sponsor. Thanks for writing and giving encouraging words about my blog. I wasn’t saved when I knew you in high school. https://www.facebook.com/treasuresfortoday/

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