Franklin Spencer III: A Man who Greatly Influenced My Life

  • Franklin M Spencer III-Guidance Counselor (Highland Park High School-1972)
    People come and go in our lives.  We often don’t think about their influence upon our lives;  however, God has a purpose for each person that He places in our lives. For this reason I thank God for every person that He has placed in my life.  One of those people was  Franklin M. Spencer III.

    I never knew Franklin Spencer as Franklin, but as Mr. Spencer.  Mr. Spencer was my high school guidance counselor at Highland Park High School.   When I told my wife (Sharon) that I was writing about the impact Mr. Spencer made upon my life, she said: “But high school guidance counselors don’t really have much influence over our lives.”  Mr. Spencer was different.

     “This is what I think we should do.”  I was on the other side of Mr. Spencer’s desk as he was mapping out my future. “You will go to summer school and take some classes to get ahead.  As a senior, you can then take classes at Highland Park Community College.”  Taking Second Year Algebra  during the summer was not my idea of fun, but I became a willing summer school student.

     I didn’t realize that those few minutes in Mr. Spencer’s office would have an immense effect upon my life.  I followed his plan completely.  As a result, I was able to graduate from college (with studying each summer) in the summer of 1975.  This was two years ahead of schedule.  If I had graduated in 1977, I would have never met my wife.  I would have never taught in Baltimore. South Africa and Portugal would just be places on the map instead of places where we have left our hearts and many friends.

    Mr. Spencer also affected my life because he encouraged me to go beyond my own expectations.  He helped me to see that I could do well in college and beyond.  He didn’t speak down to me, but he spoke as through I could actually make some responsible decisions as a high school student.

     I also learned from Mr. Spencer leadership skills that have helped me to this very day.  As a senior, I was elected president of the National Honor Society.   Mr. Spencer was our sponsor.  He didn’t lead the group, but he guided us.

     He allowed me to take the initiative on some projects.  One project was bringing together all the National Honor Society chapters in the Detroit area.  We had the first meeting at our school.  Mr. Spencer helped, but several of us students worked together and we saw forty-two schools represented.  Mr. Spencer gave me the chance to lead, but he also taught me that a real leader allows others to use their talents and abilities to fulfill projects.  As a pastor, I still see the importance of the principle of delegation.

     Mr. Spencer would leave Highland Park High School in 1973 to teach in South Korea.  Unfortunately, he would die of cancer shortly after his arrival there.  His death would be a great loss for the cause of education.

     I remember the last time I saw Mr. Spencer.  We had an Honor Society banquet the night before graduation.  I never thanked him.  I never communicated with him.  At the time, I didn’t know what a great impact he would have upon my life.  When I heard he had died, I was saddened by the news, but it wouldn’t be until later that I truly appreciated why God had brought him into my life.

     I thank the Lord that He placed Franklin Spencer in my life.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if it wasn’t for those few minutes that Mr. Spencer laid out a plan that made all the difference in my life.

     P.S. This is my third post on people who have influenced my life.  My desire is that these people be remembered for not only what they did in my life, but in the lives of others.

5 thoughts on “Franklin Spencer III: A Man who Greatly Influenced My Life

  1. Thank you for this posting Mark !!!! I happened across it today (6/12/2013)when a friend told me to check out the one about Midland school. Frank was a very dear friend of mine…we graduated together in 1964… We were together all through high school and then we both went on to Wayne State. After we graduated and I got married in 1970 we lost track of each other…he died on 8/14/1973 and we had a memorial service for him at Palmer Park. We also dedicated a flag in his name and presented it to HPHS for their auditorium. I wonder what ever happened to that flag :)))…seems to be we had a plague for it too… So, thanks for the memories.

    1. Pat, thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I do hope to revise my post on Franklin Spencer and post it in my “Growing Up in Highland Park” blog. He definitely had a big influence on my life. I didn’t want him to be forgotten. When I rewrite it, I will be adding some more info. His death was quite tragic because he was young and he was looking forward to his work in South Korea.

  2. Thank you Pat….Frank and I were in grade school together….same class. Such a good and kind person….and he played the violin like an angel. Thank you for sharing.

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