Imagine….Being with Jesus

The Garden of Gethsemane-photo by: Mark J. Booth

Imagine…being with Jesus!  What would my life be like, if I had walked with Jesus two thousand years ago? Yesterday, I read 1 John 1:1: “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;” As I read this verse, I had the desire to place myself in the Apostle John’s sandals.  I imagined walking and living with the Savior during His time upon the earth.

“Which we have heard.”  Imagine the things that John heard as he walked with Jesus.  He heard the Sermon on the Mount, the Parables, Christ’s teachings about His Second Coming, and the Upper Room Discourse.  Can you imagine what it was like to hear Jesus praying.  As John travelled with Jesus, he probably heard Jesus talk about His Father, His creation, history and many other topics.  John never lost the wonder of listening to Jesus.  What about me? Have I lost the wonder of listening to Jesus?  Am I eager to listen to the His words in scripture.

Which we have seen with our eyes.”  Imagine the things that John saw as he walked with Jesus.  He saw the feeding of the five thousand, the calming of the storm, many healings, the resurrection of Lazarus, and many other miracles.  He would have also seen Jesus embracing the little children, and showing love to the outcasts.  What about me?  Have I lost the wonder of the works of Christ.  Am I able to imagine seeing those wondrous deeds of Jesus that John saw?

“Which we have looked upon”.  Imagine joining John and looking upon Jesus on the cross.  John saw the suffering, the ridicule, the crying out from the cross, the words of encouragement to the one thief.  Then three days later, he would behold this same Jesus, who had conquered death.  John witnessed the most important act in human history. Jesus died for the sins of the world. His life would be forever changed.  What about me?  Have I lost the wonder that God, the Son, came to earth and died on the cross for me?  Have I lost the wonder of the resurrection of Christ?  Have I lost the wonder of the greatness of my salvation?

“Our hands have handled, of the Word of life.” Imagine John leaning on the Lord’s breast during the last supper.  Imagine the embraces that Jesus gave John during their time together.  Imagine Jesus holding John up with his hand as John stumbles while walking.  What about me?  Have I lost the wonder of the fact that Jesus touches my life in many ways, whether through His Word, through His Holy Spirit, or through other believers?  Am I looking forward to one day when Jesus will embrace me in heaven?

“Lord, thank you for these words of the Apostle John.  You used them to help me see that I often lose the wonder of all that you have done, said, and promised.  Teach me, to imagine being with you as John was with you.  Help me not to read the gospels as a disinterested bystander, but as one who is walking with you.  Amen”

One thought on “Imagine….Being with Jesus

  1. I love this, it really reminds me of how far I’m away from the lord in this wicked world, it will be great to be with him and you all one day, Amen…

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