I enjoyed reading the perspective given in this blog written by a graduate of Tennessee Temple University where I went to seminary.

Baby life!

NOTE: I sent this to our President after his State of the Union speech in 2013. But today’s grim and morbid remembrance of what occurred 42 years ago seems to be an appropriate time for a repost. 

Dear President Obama,

My heart was encouraged tonight when I heard you refer to our children as our country’s most precious resource. I couldn’t agree more! Historically and biblically, you are in good company, as many great men and women of ages past, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, have echoed your sentiment. Even as far back as the days of Jewish King David, a psalmist penned “children are a treasure from the Lord.” Thank you for declaring that truth.

Yet, I found myself saddened as you described the greatest threat to that treasure—guns. On that we disagree. The stark reality is this: abortion is the greatest threat to our most precious…

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